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LibSource, an LAC Group company

Over the last 10-15 years, mobile technology has freed attorneys from the physical constraints of the law firm. No longer tied to a desk, lawyers work wherever they are, whether at home or on a flight. “Lawyering on the go” is the new normal. White paper.

Robert Ambrogi's LawSites

"If I were to tell you that a new service could help you avoid a $40 million mistake in litigation, would you be interested?" Full article.

Dewey B Strategic

"PacerPro which is streamlining and eliminating some of the inefficiencies of using the official government Pacer website" got the second most votes for Best New Product of 2014. Full article.

ABA Journal

"PacerPro makes PACER easier to use. With no cost to sign up, why access PACER any other way?" Full article.


"If you have anything to do with the federal courts, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free PacerPro account right now." Full article.

Law Technology News

"With a comprehensive, Google-like interface, [PacerPro] provides tools to filter docket views, follow cases of interest, share cases with colleagues, and receive email alerts when there are changes to case dockets." Full article.


"PacerPro is PACER Improved." Full article.

FindLaw Technologist

"This, folks, is what PACER should look and operate like." Full article.

Attorney at Work

"Instead of wrestling with the idiosyncrasies of PACER, subscribers can easily search across multiple courts simultaneously to find a complete set of records, filter results to identify relevant cases and save past searches—making entire caseloads quickly searchable and shareable." Full article.