Why PacerPro

Save time

Boolean search, batch download, automatic file naming, and more!

Save money

Use our archive to get documents for free. Your law firm can save 15% or more on your PACER bill.

Most up-to-date results

We’re the only service that goes straight to the district and bankruptcy courts in real-time – meaning when you run a search, update a docket or pull back a file, you’ll know your results are complete and up-to-the-second accurate.

Easy to use interface

We’re lawyers. We spent all of law school “training” on the other guys – and still had to call the help desk when we entered practice. At PacerPro, we know what your time is worth, and we’ve created an elegant, easy-to-use system that respects your value.

Advanced search and case management

Work smarter, not harder with multi-district searches, saved search history, and automatic case follows.